Best Card Tables Reviewed – [Updated Guide of 2019]

10 Best Card Tables Review in 2019 | [ A Complete Guide ]

High-quality card tables need to carry the trait of versatility in them. To begin with, here you can check out the best card table reviews.

If you are one of the card game lovers, then we are sure you will be eager to buy these recommended card tables.

Furthermore, you can use these tables to play mahjong, domino or poker. You can even use them to play tile games.

It is high time to surprise and amaze your guests by letting them use these impressive game card tables.

Best Card Tables Reviewed

10 Best Card Tables

Moreover, these game card tables are for sure delight for you and your friends. You can reverse these recommended tables to be used as a dining table.

Thus, if you want to add excitement to your playing gathering session, then buy these game card tables.

Even more, most of them are crafted and made from durable oak. They have a sturdy base. And they are intricately decorated with some exquisite and carved detailing. Hence, let us all read out the reviews about these card tables:

10- MECO 0056.00791 STAKMORE Card Table

MECO 0056.00791 STAKMORE Card Table

Firstly, we have MECO 0056.00791 STAKMORE card table for you. This is a straight edge in form folding card table. Most importantly, it has a cherry finish on it.

It is all because of its premium solid wood construction that we have recommended this game table for you.

No assembly is needed to set up and utilize this table. Just open the package and you are good to go! Most noteworthy, it manages to fold up to 3.375″ deep for seamless storage job.

Hence, what’s the bottom line? Do try out buying this game table as it is completely fold-able. It has this classic straight edge.

And no doubt this is a perfect table option for the sake of playing card games. If you buy this specific card table, then share your views and feedback too.


  • Premium solid wood construction
  • No assembly is needed.
  • It has a classic straight edge.


  • None.


9- Samsonite 748661041 Card Table

Samsonite 748661041 Card Table

You might be wondering as to why to order this Samsonite 748661041 Card Table? We will tell you! This card table will only deliver you an excessive amount of durability.

Its dimensions are 39″ x 39″. And it is in the black color option that you can have it. Most probably, you will be satisfied with this recommendation because it is accompanied by a black padded Vinyl table surface.

Its steel legs are immensely durable. Most certainly, you can call recommendation as one of the classic and timeless card table versions.

Its legs manage to lock as well as slide easily. It is its foldable version which offers quick and easy storage job.

Lastly, no scratches will come on your floor while placing this card table because its legs are covered by plastic caps.


  • Padded Vinyl table surface.
  • Foldable.
  • 10 year warranty time.


  • Expensive.


8- Bene Casa Blow Mold Domino Card Table

Bene Casa Blow Mold Domino Card Table

Bene Casa Blow Mold Domino Game Table comes on our recommendation list too. Its legs are made of metal. And they are of foldable nature. In addition to, this card table is extremely easy to store.

In addition, this is a lightweight and durable version. If you want to get easy to carry card table for yourself, then try this one out. Besides, it has these built-in cup holders and also tile/cardholders.

Thus, feel free to buy this option as it is easy to clean. Just get a wet cloth and wipe off, clean this card table in less time.

Also, this table is going to make your family game night more enjoyable. Beyond, this is an ideal and convenient to use card table for scrabble, card games, and dominoes.


  • Folding metal legs.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • It is easy to carry
  • Built-in cup holders.


  • Limited warranty.


7- Acme Furniture Acme 82846 Bishop Card Table

Acme Furniture Acme 82846 Bishop Card Table

Also, we have Acme Furniture Acme 82846 Bishop Game table for you. It is a square game table and one of the ideal recommendations for you. No double you will like it as it is also fused with two drawers.

This is a reversible game board. You can either use it to play checkers. Or you can use it to play backgammon.

Furthermore, it is embedded with a wooden square top. It is its wooden pedestal base which makes it a reliable card table option for you.

Thus, if you want to enjoy every single minute of your card gaming time, then it is important for you to buy these kinds of card tables. Hopefully, you will like this Acme Furniture Acme 82846 card table.

Moreover, you can store the chess pieces in its drawer side. And you can utilize and avail this same table for entertaining, serving.


  • Wooden square.
  • Wooden pedestal base.
  • Traditional craftsmanship.


  • Assembly is needed.


6- Flash Furniture Card Table

Flash Furniture Card Table

Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table comes on the sixth spot. However, this is quite a reliable and top recommended card table.

For the reason that we have suggested it to you! You can call it a multipurpose folding table at the same time.

Most importantly, it can seat up to four adults at one single time. Its top section is wholly padded. If one wants to get a card table which is easy to maintain and clean, then this is an ideal card table for them.

Most noteworthy, its other exclusive features are folding legs and extra seating feature. Its foam-padded top avoids preventing game cards from sliding off from your gaming table.

Lastly, feel free to avail this table for eating, serving, display or gathering purposes. If you book this table, then you have to share your experience and rating with us.


  • Multipurpose Folding Table
  • Seats up to Four Adults.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • It is a bit heavy in terms of weight.


5- XL Series Card Table

XL Series Card Table

Most probably, you may like this XL Series Square Folding Card Table because it has collapsible legs for quick portability job. Its steel construction offers a convenient cleaning job as well.

It is in the beige color that you can have this card table. It is the largest, durable and strongest card table which is so far available.

Most certainly, this is a great and one of the best picks for making your gaming time 200% exciting.

Want to know the best part of this suggestion? It is that it is installed with an extra-large construction trait. This is one of the highly accessible card tables.

Its commercial-grade steel frame let this card table to survive for years and years. Furthermore, its legs completely lock into place for stability.


  • Extra Large construction.
  • Commercial grade steel frame.
  • 38″ Square top.
  • Legs lock into place.


  • None.


4- Mainstays Card Table

Mainstays Card Table

Besides, we have another surprising recommendation for you. It is Mainstays 5 Piece Card Table. It is in the table and chair set form that this product is available.

For your friends and family gaming time, this is the best card table which you should grab. In addition to, this 5-Piece Card Table and Chair Set can be used as a dining table set.

It can accommodate almost four people. You can have a meal on it, play cards on it or make art and crafts on it.

Beyond, this table set has a sleek black exterior. This sleek-looking exterior is going to complement your home decor zone. Hence, we suggest you get this card table set as its chairs are featured with vinyl upholstered kind of seats.

Also, the top section of the folding card table is made of PVC. Consequently, do buy it as it is a space-saving storage model.


  • Provide extra seating.
  • The sleek black exterior.
  • The folding card tabletop is made of PVC.


  • It needs extensive cleaning.


3- Yellow Mountain Imports Card Table

Yellow Mountain Imports Card Table

Yellow Mountain Imports Card Table is given the third spot. It is the right time to enjoy playing all kinds of card games as this top quality card table is in front of you.

Most probably, this may come out as a top pick because it is made by using the resilient, durable material.

It folds easily for quick, fast and convenient storage. Also, it is packed with easy care instructions. This is an exclusive card table which guarantees secure playing surface.

Thus, this is a professional-grade playing card table. You will get a 30-day return policy too. Hence, buy this card table by pouring all your confidence in it.

No doubt you will see the finest quality, top craftsmanship, durability and the highest functionality from this model.


  • Versatility.
  • Quality Material.
  • Functional Design.
  • 30-Day Return Policy.


  • None.


2- Mitchell 3-in-1 Card Table

Mitchell 3-in-1 Card Table

Beyond, if you are interested in buying this Mitchell 3-in-1 Card Table, then we give you a thumbs up too. First of all, note down that this card table is made of MDF, oak veneer as well as solid wood.

It is finished with amber color. Moreover, its bumpers are made of plastic. It is further included with cup holders and too chip trays.

To make your game night experience 200% super impressive, then such a card table is a great buying option for you. Its unique selling point is that you can use this table as a display table, meal table or crafts making a table.

Even more, it is fused with cup holders and chip trays so that you can experience an extensive entertainment.


  • Finish Color is Amber
  • The bumpers are made of plastic
  • Hardware finish.
  • Packed with cup holders and chip trays.


  • Assembly is Required.


1- Hillsdale Nassau Card Table

Hillsdale Nassau Card Table

Lastly, the top recommendation is this Hillsdale Nassau 5 Piece Game Table Set. No doubt this is a great and durable card table as it is surrounded by a durable wooden finish.

Almost 8 players can seat on it. It is in octagonal shape that this card table is designed. Its catchy part is that it is fused and wholly-embedded with a handsome oak finish.

Most importantly, this reversible tabletop is composed of carved in form pedestal table base. It is induced with the presence of built-in chip trays and top quality cup holders.

If you feel like buying this octagon table, then do convey to us your experience. We are sure this card table is going to offer you endless amounts of exciting card game playing times.


  • A durable wooden finish.
  • It seats up to almost 8 players
  • Octagonal shape.


  • None.


Best Card Tables – Buyer’s Guide

Best Card Tables And Chairs Kmart In Wonderful Selection L43

Premium and High-Quality Solid Wood Construction

Most noteworthy, you can have and choose that card table which is made of premium and high-quality wood material.

It should not require any of the assembly jobs. It has to be fold-able and offers easy storage times.

Most importantly, if it has a padded Vinyl surface, then you can for sure buy that card table. Its legs should be made of steel and need to show extreme durability.

Versatile Uses

In addition, try to grab that card table which is perfect for scrabble, mahjong game times. Your chosen table should give you the option to play all kinds of board games, card games as well as on dominoes on it.

Moreover, look for the option which gives you the choice to use that table for gatherings, display and also for eating.

Foam Padded Top

You need to consider this factor as to whether your chosen and selected card table has a foam padded top or not.

If it has a foam-padded top, then your cards are not going to be slipped off from the tabletop zone. Furthermore, always buy the simple looking and the largest, strongest card table.

30-Day Return Policy

Lastly, purchase that card table which manages to offer a 30-day return policy. The makers of reliable card tables assure 100% guarantee all the time.

If you are satisfied with your buying and purchase; then you need to be offered with 30-day no questions asked and money-back guarantee time.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

To summarize, we have recommended the best card tables. Pick out any one of them! To enjoy the perfect card gaming night with your friends, we are sure you will love these recommendations.

Moreover, these card tables have nail-head trims and adjustable height option. For the sake of easy and convenient mobility, these tables are installed with swivel casters. Which card table you are going to order now, do let us know.

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