Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses of 2019 – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

10 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses [ 2019 Review & Guide ]

Today, we’re reviewing the ten best motorcycle riding glasses.

So, let’s get started.

Bike glasses make you look super cool on the two wheels, don’t they?


The best motorcycle riding glasses, however, do more than giving you a bad boy (or girl) look on your bike.

A must-have for any serious biker, motorcycle goggles offer protection against harmful glare, dust, and wind. Away from the basics, it is essential to know a couple of things even before you start looking for the best sunglasses for motorcycle riding.

For starters, bike glasses come in three lens colors; clear, grey and brown. While the choice of one lens color over the other is somewhat personal preference, a perfect pair should have an anti-fog coating.

So, let us all have a look at the best and highly recommended motorcycle riding glasses. Hopefully, you will love these glasses.

However, if it is necessary to wear swim goggles while you are swimming, in the same way, wearing these bike goggles are there for your safety too.

Also, you can share with us which style and design you liked the most and in which color shade you prefer to buy your motorcycle riding glasses!

10 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses – Top Pickups

Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

The lens should be reflective to reduce glare from the sun or headlights. Focus on a sturdy frame and the coverage on and over your eyes. You may select a pair with a strap for a customizable fit.

Some come with interchangeable temples to switch between goggles and sunglasses. Of course, you’re better off with a trendy pair – after all, bike glasses are great for making a fashion statement.

Hence, these glasses are marked as a great gift item. If you think your guy loves to be presented with wallets and watches. Then also consider him giving such kind of motorcycle riding glasses.

Important Features to Consider

  • Mirror Coated UV400 Lenses

This is important which should be considered at any cost while buying motorcycle glasses. It is the presence of mirror coated UV400 lenses.

These lenses provide the ultimate and 100% protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Rubber Padding

Motorcycle riding glasses needs to be fused with rubber padding. This padding is usually present around the lenses. The purpose of this rubber padding is to give to rider excellent comfort.

The padding comes with vents to prevent and avoid fogging.

  • Rubberized Frame & Rubberized Earpieces

Do consider this fact that whether your motorcycle riding glasses have floating rubberized frame or not! The presence of these elements is going to help you preventing loss in water.

Moreover, rubberized earpieces help and assist you to maintain stability as well as grip.

  • Lightweight Design

If it has a lightweight design, then those motorcycle riding glasses are ideal and best for motorcycle riding, boating. You can even use them while you are fishing, biking or cycling.

Such form of glasses is easy to use while you are driving, running as well. So, look for the design and model which you can use and wear for various and a large number of Motorsports outdoor activities.

Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses! – Our Top Picks

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What follows is a collection of the best riding glasses on the market to give you all the protection (and flair) you need on your bike.

So, without wasting more of your precious time let’s start the review…

1- Private Label Glasses – Best Motorcycle Riding Glass

3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses Smoke Clear Yellow

Topping our best motorcycle riding glasses is this pair by Private Label. The one thing that makes these an attractive option for bikers is the 3-inch lens for better face coverage.

Just like the Choppers this pair ideal for a bare head or half-helmet riding.

While the Private Label glasses don’t have an adjustable strap, they feature 5-inch arms to keep them firmly tucked between the ear and the head.

The padding around the lenses provides all-day comfort while the vents prevent fogging.

This package comes with three lenses; dark smoke, clear and yellow lenses. Plus, they are available in all sizes so you can even get a pair for your teenage rider. We love the unisex appeal too.

These glasses are impact resistant. They’ll last for long with proper maintenance.

How about the versatility you ask? Well, you can use the yellow lens for diving and the dark one as shades to give your eyes some relief under the scorching sun! Now, that’s adaptability at its best.

Our Verdict

We suggest you buying these Private Label bike riding glasses because they will give you all-day comfort. You can have them in a varied number of sizes and it is their unisex appeal which is their one of the most attractive features.

Furthermore, as they are impact-resistant, that is why they will remain with you for a long time. You only need to properly take care of them and maintain them regularly. Get a chic look on your face and try these Private Label bike riding glasses.

Thus, we suggest you get this reviewed bike glasses for yourself because they extremely impact resistant. Furthermore, they give all-day comfort. And never bother to irritate you while you are riding.


  • Impact resistant
  • Available in all size
  • Offers an all day comfort


  • No adjustable strap


2- Choppers Riding Glasses – Plastic Frame

3 Pairs of Choppers Glasses Padded Frame Lense Block 100percent UVB for Outdoor Activity Sport

Available in an economy pack of three glasses, the Choppers may not be the fanciest in this roundup but their quality is surprisingly good.

With a tough plastic frame and 2-inch lenses, they’re wide enough to cover the eyes and by extension offer protection against harmful and distractive elements.

Those who’ve used them say they do a great job when it comes to blocking the wind and small pebbles during ATV riding.

The Choppers will stay in place no matter how you turn your head thanks to a frame that contours to the shape of your nose. The best part is the fact that these babies come in all the three tints you need to suit a variety of riding environments.

Put differently; once you acquire this set, you don’t need to buy any other pair of biking glasses. Use the clear lens during the day the yellow or black ones for night riding.

Affordable, efficient and build to last, the Choppers are best for an open face riding or for those days you don’t want to wear a helmet. And when you’re not on your bike, they’ll give you a stylish look as you stroll in the shopping mall. Outstanding in every way!

Our Verdict

Hence, it is must for you to get these Choppers bike riding glasses for once for yourself. They come in three tints and shades and you will get the extreme chic look on your face. Get a hi-five bike riding time by putting on these glasses.

They are an affordable and classic looking option present in front of you. Let us know if you buy these Choppers bike riding glasses and share your reviews with us too. Every single aspect of these glasses stand apart and looks outstanding.

Hence, you are free to get your hands on this tough and durable looking motorcycle riding glasses.

Most probably, you may buy it because it is encompassed by a tough looking plastic frame. Moreover, it stays in place and never falls off from your face.


  • Plastic frame
  • Stays in place
  • Durable and high quality


  • Available in a few size and color option


3- Global Vision Outfitter Glasses – Shatterproof Lenses

Global Vision Outfitter Motorcycle Glasses

A game changer in every sense of the word, this pair is one of the best motorcycle glasses for everyday use. It is also one of the strongest on the market, complete with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and UV400 filter capability.

The matte black nylon frame features airy foam for satisfying comfort while the ANSI-compliant design assures you of safety.

Available in yellow, clear and smoke tint, these shades also have an anti-fog finish on both sides for use in extreme weather conditions.

Again, Outfitter, just like the two options we’ve reviewed above support over-the-glasses wearing because of the raised frame.

On top of that, these glasses are easy to wear and remove – just what you need for frequent stops.

The full eye coverage is indeed a plus for superior eye protection as is the lens polarizing to allow a light-sensitive rider to keep his/her eyes on the road. And then there is the affordability.

Our Verdict

We will be really happy if you will choose these Global Vision Outfitter glasses, no doubt they carry a dynamic design and stylish factor in them.

Their best and promising selling point is that they are anti-fog finish and that is why most of the people will love buying these shades for themselves.

Your eyes will get full coverage and you will not find any problem while putting on or removing these glasses.

No doubt this motorcycle riding glasses act as a game-changer for you. If the led headlamp is important to wear while you are on your motorcycle/bike.

Then, in the same way, wearing such glasses are needed to be worn by you when you are on a bike. These glasses are packed with shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses.

And they are also packed by UV400 filter capability. So get your hands on these Global Vision Outfitter glasses and share your feedback with us.


  • Shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses
  • UV400 filter capability
  • Exceptional design


  • None.


4- Oakley O-Frame MX – Durable

Oakley O Frame MX Goggles with Clear Lens

Oakley has perfected the art of making attractive yet highly functional shades and the O-Frame MX is no exception.

Curved, with a wraparound structure, for a wide field of vision these motorcycle glasses are just right for both riding and skiing. They’re light despite their size and have an anti-reflective strip on the back for increased visibility when biking at night.

The anti-fog treatment ensures better performance in humid conditions when the weather becomes drizzly or during snowy days. And when it gets hot, the triple-layer foam fleece around the frame will wick away all the sweat for optimal riding comfort.

Dropped your glasses?

Be easy!

The O-Frame MX feature impact-resistant lens so they won’t break.

These glasses are available in jet black and true fiber frame to give you a little bit of choice. Biking enthusiasts hail their ability to fit over prescription glasses and the clear lens for an accurate representation of the environment.

You may also opt for dark grey or all-purpose lens if you want some alteration of the surroundings.

Most probably, you will love these Oakley glasses. They are positively reviewed by a large number of customers because of their anti-fog treatment properties.

Our Verdict

You will not get involved in accidental situations because these glasses are going to give you a clear vision while you are driving.

They are durable and hardly break as they are impact resistant.

We have given string thumbs up to these motorcycle riding glasses because they are one of the topmost functional shades which you should get.

In addition, these goggles have a curved as well as wraparound structure. They manage to give a wide field of vision.

Lastly, they are composed of an anti-reflective strip for the sake of increased visibility. So what are you waiting for? Get a hold on these glasses and share your opinion with us.


  • Highly functional shades
  • Composed of a wraparound structure
  • Anti-reflective strip for increased visibility


  • They lack shatterproof properties


5- Minalo UV Motorcycle Protective Glasses – Have an Elastic Strap

Minalo UV Protection Outdoor Sports Ski Glasses CS Army Tactical Military Goggles Windproof Snowmobile Bicycle Motorcycle Protective Glasses Ski Goggles

We love the Minalo glasses and for some good reasons. First off, they’re one of the best motorcycle glasses if you’re scouting for a multifunctional pair.

You can use them as sports, tactical, mountaineering or bicycle glasses. In other words, these glasses will adapt to virtually any outdoor situation without comprising the safety of your eyes.

The Minalo is what any good motorcycle goggles should be starting with the durable ABS plastic frame to the anti-fog coating. With these over your eyes, you don’t have to worry about light tension, ultraviolet rays or road/object stray glare.

And because these glasses have an elastic strap, they’ll fit perfectly over your young budding biker’s head.

The Minalo is all about giving you the best vision possible in any weather. These glasses utilize flow vent technology for air consistency inside the lens which in turn translates to ultimate defense in windy, snowy, or icy conditions.

The rigid frame won’t deform or break, making these glasses ideal for professional skiing. And just so you may know, you can wear these with your prescription glasses.

Our Verdict

You should not miss the opportunity of grabbing these Minalo glasses. The minute you will put on these glasses, you do not have to worry about UV rays or light tension and this is the best part about them.

We recommend you buy these glasses because they are just extraordinary and amazing in every way. As we have given them strong and decent reviews, we are confident that all of you will also agree with our review section.

So, are you ready to get your hands on this topmost ranked motorcycle riding glasses? If you are a fan of deggod swim goggles, then hopefully, you may like these bike goggles too.

They are strongly recommended as they are made of durable ABS plastic frame. And also packed with an anti-fog coating.


  • Durable ABS plastic frame
  • Consist of anti-fog coating
  • Contains an elastic strap


  • Expensive


6- Dmeixs Motorcycle Glasses – Scratch Resistant

Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles Grip For Helmet Dmeixs Anti UV Windproof Dustproof Anti Fog Glasses for ATV Off Road Racing with Cool Look Headwear Silver Lens 2 in 1

Featuring hard-wearing UP Resin material, the Dmeixs are not only tough but also reliable and won’t budge even in the lowest or coldest of temperatures.

Count on this pair every time for protection from the harmful UV rays, dust, and wind, making it a brilliant choice for all-season riding. And oh, the PC lenses are scratch-resistant to maintain a clean, pristine look.

The streamlined design combines with the wide inner space for a better, crystal clear vision. Remember when we mentioned about prescription glasses?

Our Verdict

The Dmeixs is a classy pair to use with prescription glasses more so due to the wide, spacious eye-to-lenses construction.

As for the comfort, the sponge cushioning around the frame allows heat dissipation even in foggy weather conditions.

For those who may want to know, you can wear these glasses with any helmet. All you need to do is to adjust the fit using the integrated elastic strap. This package also includes a cool headwear to give you complete protection with a single purchase.

No doubt, these glasses may come out as the topmost choice for all motorcycle riders. We have given a hi-five to this product because its lenses are completely scratch-resistant.

Most importantly, it is its streamlined design which is going to give you a better as well as crystal clear vision.


  • Lenses are scratch-resistant
  • The streamlined design
  • Great construction


  • No anti fog coating


7- LuckyStone Bike Safety Goggles – Gives Full Face Coverage

Adult Motorcycle Off Road Dirt Bike Safety Goggles Screen Filter

These glasses by LuckyStone thrive on their extensive face coverage. Suited for rugged terrains they have wide lenses complete with a nose cover to prevent dust and debris from getting into your eyes.

These work well with half or full helmet and are one of the most adaptable motorcycles riding glasses.

We love the design too – in fact, it is the very reason these glasses stand out.

The sculptured styling provides an exceptional fit and peripheral vision. Besides, the unique build will attract attention from fellow riders and onlookers for those who don’t mind it.

The LuckyStone glasses also feature optically correct clear lens to maximize color contrast for better riding experience.

Our Verdict

These riding glasses will last for as long as you want them to.

They’re shatter-proof and hold well against the demands of frequent use. The only complaint is that they don’t fit over prescription glasses so if that’s what you’re looking for, scroll down the list.

Make no mistake about it though; the LuckyStone glasses are indeed a good bargain for what they have to offer.

Consequently, this is one of the specific pair of motorcycle riding glasses which is going to give you the extensive face coverage while you are on the bike.

Most noteworthy, it is one of the adaptable motorcycles riding glasses as you can easily wear it with a half helmet or with a full helmet.


  • Gives the extensive face coverage
  • Works best with both half or full helmet
  • Gives an exceptional fit and also ideal peripheral vision


  • None.


8- 4-FQMotorcycle Clear Goggles – Anti-Slip Temple Grips

Motorcycle Goggles Clear Goggles4 FQ Dust Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles Grip For Helmet Riding Goggles Anti UV Windproof Dustproof Anti Fog Glasses for ATV Off Road Racing

Finally, a pair of clear motorcycle riding glasses that strikes a perfect blend of style and performance! These shades are full of sporty features like the high consistency cotton padding, a cleverly fitted lens ventilation frame, and anti-slip temple grips.

The frame is amazingly robust, flexible and durable.

Even though these glasses have clear lenses, there are anti-UV to minimize the sun’s effect on the rider’s eyes and vision. Biking glasses that won’t fit is one of the most common gripes with riders but that’s not the case with this pair.

Our Verdict

It has a non-slip, highly adjustable elastic strap to adapt to the size of any head. With such handiness, it is a good pair to own for activities such as off-road ATV riding.

While there’s no doubt that these goggles possess the functionality the first-class pair, it is their affordability that makes them attractive to bikers, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts in general.

We suggest you book these riding glasses right now as they are great from all angles and ways. These glasses are just the perfect blend of great design and style.

They are packed full of sporty elements and features. Even more, it is their high consistency cotton padding and anti-slip temple grips which makes them durable.

So if you’re on a tight budget and in search for riding glasses that won’t disappoint, these are a perfect pick.


  • Encompassed full of sporty traits and features
  • High consistency cotton padding
  • Anti-slip temple grips.


  • None.


9- 100% Unisex-Adult Goggles – Flexible

unisex adult Goggle BlackMirror RedOne Size STRATA MX STRATA SLSH Mirror Lens Red

The name says it all – anybody can wear these, men and women alike. Designed with the user’s comfort in mind, these sunglasses are stable and with a maximum coverage over the eyes to block the wind.

Plus, the curved lenses provide excellent vision no matter the riding angle. And then there’s the dual-layered foam to soak up the moisture and sweat, keeping it away from the eyes.

These glasses are incredibly flexible, a feature aided by the durable urethane frame. Just like any top-notch motorcycle goggles (read worth your money) these are anti-fog for those would like to wear them during skating.

The brand-exclusive Lexan lens is not only scratch resistant but also has tear-off pins for unimpaired vision.

Our Verdict

The 100% unisex-adult gloves are available in a collection of color lenses to match your mood and environment including Cyan blue, lagoon and furnace lenses. And when the terrain becomes bumpy, the 40 mm silicone coated straps will hold them in place.

While these sunglasses are not the cheapest in this roundup.

There is a specific and prominent reason as to why we have recommended these glasses to you! They have curved lenses as well as offer excellent vision.

For the reason that they are loved by motorcycle riders. In addition, these glasses are surrounded by dual-layered foam for the sake of soaking up the sweat.


  • Delivers excellent vision
  • Dual-layered foam to absorb the moisture and sweat
  • Incredibly flexible


  • Minimum design and color options


10- 4-FQ Motorcycle Goggles – Elastic Strap

Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles 4 FQ Anti UV Safety Goggles Anti Scratch Motocross Goggles Dustproof Motorcycle Glasses Motorbike Goggles for Cycling Riding Climbing Skiing Sliver Lens

Lightweight and remarkably convenient, these sunglasses by 4-FQ are ideal for road or mountain riding. Boasting one of the most vibrant lenses around, they’re scratch resistant, anti-fog and with 100% for protection.

The ergonomic temple and the grips on the nose keep these glasses right where they belong, regardless of how much you sweat. Meanwhile, the adjustable elastic strap provides a custom fit. The 4-FQ also sports a bendable OTG frame to keep dust at bay.

One size fits all, so anyone can wear them from teens to adults.

Available in a host of lenses including clear and silver, the 4-FQ can also double up as ski goggles thanks to the good ventilation around the frame and anti-fog lenses.

Our Verdict

With an over the glass design, these motorcycle sunglasses are not only clear but also safe.

Wear them with half-open face helmet and if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, carry them with you to a hot air balloon or car. And to wrap it up, bikers applaud the green sponge padding around the frame for superior comfort.

Our verdict regarding these motorcycle riding glasses, it is quite positive and strong. The catchy part about them is that these glasses stay on their place and do not get the slip.

It is their ergonomic temple and the durable grips which let them stay at their fixed place. Besides, they have an adjustable elastic strap so that you can enjoy a custom fit.


  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Gives a custom fit
  • One size fits all


  • None.


Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses – Buyer’s Guide

Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses Buyers Guide

Excellent Face Coverage

Your purchased motorcycle riding glasses should offer your face an excellent amount and range of coverage. It lens should be of at least 3 inches. In this way, your face and eyes will get balanced and appropriate coverage.

No matter you are bareheaded or you are half-helmet riding, your chosen motorcycle riding glasses have to offer you excellent and the best coverage to your face.

Moreover, if your glasses do not have an adjustable strap then its arms should be of approximate 5 inches. In this manner, your glasses will remain firmly tucked and gets adjusted between your ears and your head.

Padding Present Around The Lenses

On the other hand, your chosen bike riding glasses should have a passing around their lenses. This is important as you need an all-day comfort as well.

If there is no padding on your glasses, then you will feel uncomfortable while wearing them. At the same time, the presence and installation of vents present on your glasses will prevent fogging.

Most of the glasses make it uncomfortable for you to drive on a bike during foggy filled situations. If they are high-quality glasses, then it will be easier for you to drive even during foggy times.


Another important factor which you have to keep in mind while buying motorcycle riding glasses, they should be impact resistant. Such glasses will remain durable for a long and extended time.

Also with proper maintenance, you will be able to keep these bike riding glasses with you for a long time.


You picked one and selected motorcycle riding glasses to have to be versatile in terms of style and design. Choose that brand which offers such elements. Like it should be available in different lens shades.

Like if you are on a bike under the scorching sun, then try to wear the sunglasses which are of dark shade. In this way, your eyes will get maximum relief.

The Anti-Fog Treatment

Your motorcycle riding glasses should work on the mechanism on the anti-fog treatment. Such property will ensure you the safest bike ride. Even if you are driving during the humid conditions, this property of your glasses will keep you safe.

Suppose the weather turns out to be drizzly or if you are on a bike during the snowy days, then try to wear that kind of glasses which have anti-fog treatment properties.

Furthermore, the presence of triple-layered foam fleece present around your glasses frame will absorb and wick away all sweat so that you can an optimal riding comfort.


Your selected bike riding glasses have to be anti-UV so that you can easily minimize the negative effect of the sun harmful rays.

The rider’s eyes can remain protected if his glasses are purely and completely anti-UV.

Streamlined Design

The high-quality and reliable bike sunglasses always accompany a streamlined design. It is due to their streamlined design that you will get a better as well as crystal clear vision.

What is the Best Color for Lenses?

  • Amber, Orange, Copper Lens

If you are choosing any one of these lens color options, then their function is to reduce blue light and increase contrast. They also brighten as well as enhance detail.

  • Brown Lens

If your motorcycle riding glasses have a brown lens, then their job is to cut glare. They also allow for excellent contrast. As it is a dark-colored lens, for the reason that it minimizes eye strain.

  • Green Lens

On the other hand, if your motorcycle riding glasses have a green lens then they are going to enhance the contrast during extremely low light conditions.

Beyond, they reduce eyestrain during all kinds of bright light conditions. Such a lens version is the name of the greatest visual detailing.

  • Gray Lens

This is a neutral shade for your motorcycle riding glasses. By choosing this lens color, you are going to keep the color distortion up to a minimum rate.

You will be able to see naturally. And it too reduces glare.

Motorcycle Riding Glasses – Video Review

Now, Over to You!

You can even grab all of these ten pieces for yourself. Try out these motorcycle riding glasses and share with us your detail opinion and feedback.

As these glasses should come out as an important part of your bike. Same way, you can give a complete look to your bike or motorcycle by buying this taotronics phone holder for your motorcycle/bike.

The best properties and qualities are present in these bike glasses and reliable brands have made them.

Gift them to your friends and buddies who love to ride on bikes, they will love this piece for sure. If some great designs will come in this bike glasses section, we will let you know.

It is the real-time to get the real bike look on your face by putting on these stylish glasses.

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