Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Reviewed in 2020– Top Picks

10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks of 2020 [ Guide & Review ]

Although, a bike wheel chock is yet one of the most disregarded devices. While many people depend on their emergency brakes. But what this device has to offer is an irreplaceable fact.

The genuine feel of serenity this apparatus offers is crucial. How about we take a look at how significant wheel chocks are.

Wheel chocks repress any vehicle development.

Setting the brake is very valuable and is unquestionable as well. Setting the brakes right is the important factor in owning a motorcycle in the first place.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks


In any case, no one can tell for real when something hazardous could take place at any time. Wheel chocks are to hold vehicles set up for actual.

Before you go further make sure to read our review of the best motorcycle riding glasses.

They have a solid hold on the ground. As well as provide the perfect grip. Removing chocks is a bad idea because they help maintain and keep your vehicle in one place.

NoProduct NamePriceLink
1Lock 'N Load Chock$142.45
2Extreme Max Wheel Chock$49.95
3MaxxHaul 70075 Chock$32.99
4Pit Posse Wheel Chock$61.95
5Condor SC2000 Bike Chock$180.75
6Goplus Motorcycle Wheel Chock$39.99
7Heavy Duty Wheel Chock$65.00
8Condor PS1500 Vehicle Wheel Chock$252.18
9Titan Ramps Adjustable Wheel Chock$44.95
10Condor PSTK-6400 Pit-Stop and Adapter Kit$238.84

Importance of Wheel Chocks

Every product we buy or have in possession tends to have some sort of importance. So what is the importance of these wheel chocks? Here are a few points to clear this query:

1- Protects the wheel

The most significant role played by chocks is protecting your wheels. So the wheel remains intact and no external pressure causes any sort of damage.

Not only will it keep the wheel safe at parking but also while it’s transported.

2- Provide stability and support

With these chocks, your vehicle gains certain stability. In rains or during some harsh storms, the motorcycles often slip or fall. This causes some serious damage to the exterior.

But with these chocks, motorcycles tend to gain a stable position and does not fall or slip away. When locked at a place, they remain safer as compared to the left without any support.

3- Adjustable

Almost all chocks have the feature of adjust-ability. So if you make any changes in the structure or change the wheels, you can also adjust the chocks. You won’t have to buy a new set again with every change you make to the vehicle.

4- Affordable

This tool is one of the cheapest solutions to many problems faced by motorcycle owners. First, they spend some handsome amount in buying the motorcycle itself.

Later due to carelessness, the exterior or wheels get damaged when transported. These chocks are the most convenient and affordable solution at the same time.

With multi-purposes, single person usability, this is the most efficient choice. Also, it provides more safety for vehicles.

5- Compact and easy to use

These chocks might look heavy but are actually lightweight. The material used is strong enough to protect your vehicles. Still, these are quite compact and even portable.

All these features are for enhancing the usability by a single person. Due to being so light and easy to use, even if you are alone, you can use it without any trouble.


While here are some of the best types:

1- Lock ‘N Load Chock

Lock 'N Load Chock

If you are in search of a good wheel chock for your vehicle then this is the one you should have. This chock consists of a chock, back wrench tie-downs, a front-tire tie, and a mounting plate.

The wheel chock alone can do wonders as well. It is one of the most trusted units available and can take into account an assortment of vehicle sizes.

The best part is that the front steel wheel has programmed close usefulness. You have to run your vehicle over it and it will attach to it. The installation is a piece of cake. It doesn’t need too much effort.

For stability concerns, you can use the front secure and the back tightening tie-downs. Because they help the purpose of this combo unit.

With this device, you can ensure that your motorcycle is set up beforehand. Rather than setting it up when you’re driving through rough streets and potholes.

It is an awesome combo pack item that is difficult to pass up a major opportunity.


  • Available for all sizes
  • Secures vehicle
  • Cost-efficient


  • Rear straps dis-function


2- Extreme Max Wheel Chock

Extreme Max Wheel Chock

Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a simple to-bolt chock with a smooth and fine look.

Much the same as a large part of the best chocks, it bolts the front wheel as the wheel passes over it.

The tough steel material and matte dark coat add to the appeal of the item. Predicting the possibility of shipment, this chock occupies insignificant space.

Even with this productivity, the safety of your bicycle when shipped or lifted gets taken care of.

Furthermore, it can hold 17″ to 21″ wheels with its back wheel support changes. This specific item is a standard-issue from Extreme Max.

Purchasers can settle on the fancy choice where you can buy tie-downs, wrenches, and more. And this seems to have more expenses.

You don’t generally need to update because as the standard product it works fine.


  • Durable
  • Automatic locks
  • Takes small space


  • Function failure


3- MaxxHaul 70075 Chock

MaxxHaul 70075 Chock

This chock joins the front wheel of your vehicle into spot when collapsed into chock. It verifies and authenticates the motorcycle wheel for simple vehicle or capacity.

It can mount to the trailer with its 3-position flexible gaps on the wheel surface. This pleases the distinctive wheels of your vehicle.

You can no doubt stack your bike to fit most standard bikes. It has rock-solid shaped steel and strong completion to avoid rust and erosion.

The turning factor of the MaxxHaul Chock enables you to drive your vehicle into the wheel chock. And this happens due to the weight of your vehicle.

The equipment included is for simple establishment.

The MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock ensures consumer loyalty. The organization endeavors to offer the best quality and cost. Use tie-downs or lashes to verify your vehicle while shipping.


  • Friendly design
  • Ease to install
  • Automatic


  • Heavyweight


4- Pit Posse Wheel Chock

Pit Posse Wheel Chock

People always prefer a wheel chock that comes with self-locking abilities because that is more authentic with respect to security.

No one needs to encounter the issue of mounting the wheel to discover it in a tilted and unbound position.

On the off chance that you are one of the many, you’ve discovered the wheel chock for you!

Pit Posse’s PP2900 Motorcycle Wheel Chock protects your bicycle in an upstanding position.

Drive your bicycle onto the support and you’re finished! You can likewise change the support to fit all front bike wheel.

Additionally, you can use the floor for different purposes without facing any inconvenience.

With the wheel chock’s steel and zinc plated support material, the item will perform well.

If it’s the manufacturer’s fault you’re stressed over, consider the 5-year guarantee. You have all you need from this masterpiece!


  • Self-locking
  • Zinc Plated
  • 5-year warranty


  • Adjusting issues


5- Condor SC2000 Bike Chock

Condor SC2000 Bike Chock

If you intend to get a motorcycle wheel chock that is suitable for various purposes such as trailer use then this one is the one for you to opt.

As a trailer chock, it has the ability to help secure on any transportation stage in a good position.

The item’s locking factor is of high caliber as it Condor provided its license.

Chock’s customizable support fits different sorts of bicycles. This chock can be used in various types of motorcycles depending upon desire. Even with this high limit, the chock does not need a ton of workforce to stack and empty.

The two secure ties that go with the chock give added security to your bicycle. They are anything but difficult to collect and discharge.

You don’t have to stress over harming suspension as over fixing the ties isn’t essential.

At long last, putting away the chock is a breeze. You should crease it down, and you’re ready.


  • Good accommodation
  • Easy loading
  • Two tie-down straps


  • Isolated stability


6- Goplus Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Goplus Motorcycle Wheel Chock

At a reasonable cost, you can keep your motorcycle in an upstanding position. Goplus Wheel Chock is brand new and has a unique style in its structure.

Its utmost beauty is praiseworthy. This can occur fully expecting fixing or shipping without the need to break your unit.

It is too simple to mount and expel your bicycle’s wheel on this current chock’s support. You need to drive it into and out of the chock, it’s that simple.

The chock has a steel development, so you are certain about its strength. For more advancement, you can use the tie downs that come with each buy.

Any cruiser front wheel with sizes that range from 17″ to 21″ can be maintained by this wheel chock.

This item is an extraordinary method to spare both your time in collecting and cash in acquiring.


  • Easy loading
  • More secure
  • Durable


  • Dis-functions sometimes


7- Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

This wheel chock obliges 15 to 22 inches broadness wheels or 76 to 130mm wide tires. As far as possible is 1800 pounds.

This bike tire stand wheel gag is rustproof and erosion safe since it is of strong steel. The two eye circles are for helpful lashing.

It has an unattached structure that can mount on the floor, truck or trailer bed. It gauges 16 1/8 H X 36 3/5 L X 35 2/5 inches.

The Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock has a powder secured culmination. Securing your bicycle should not be a test since you can mount this wheel chock on a truck bed or on the floor.

You can use it for routine upkeep to a surface for simple transportation purposes.

The Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a flexible tire stand that is good with front and back wheels. With shifting wheel sizes going from 15 to 22 inches. It gauges 35 pounds with an eminent weight limit.


  • Sturdy grip
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle


  • Anchored


8- Condor PS1500 Vehicle Wheel Chock

Condor PS1500 Vehicle Wheel Chock

Another preference for bike wheel chock from the same company Condor goes with the name tag of PS1500. It has the same as highlights as PSTK 6400 aside from the secure ties and trailer connector pack.

The wheel size limit is likewise somewhat less broad than the last mentioned. All things considered, the item is an incredible decision for some.

For a lower cost, one can profit from Condor’s Pit Stop wheel chock limit.

Its licensed bolting instrument can give the best help to your bike on a level surface. Any wheel running from 15″ to 22″ works fine.

Both are somewhat significant for the vehicle. In this manner, they are suitable for such an event. This is regardless of a decision for everyone to make.


  • Adjustable
  • Good size ranges
  • Easy loading


  • Bulky design


9- Titan Ramps Adjustable Wheel Chock

Titan Ramps Adjustable Wheel Chock

The Titan Ramps Wheel Chock can fit wheels of 17 to 21 inches in distance across and under 6.5 inches wide.

You can mount it on secure levels to the floor. You can use a kickstand or a lash to tie it.

The bundle accompanies a bike chock and dependable mounting equipment. The general plan of this wheel chock is strong with a powder-covered completion.

It uses the extra room and it is simple for one individual to mount it and crash into.

The flexible wheel chock from Titan Ramps is the most ideal approach to tie down your vehicle. That includes to tie down to a truck or trailer for the vehicle, or in your carport for capacity.

This movable wheel chock makes moving a lot more secure by securing in the front wheel of your bike. All equipment is suitable for snappy and simple establishment.

The components of the base are 15.4 x 10.3 inches and it gauges 18 pounds. This is a flexible wheel chock you can depend on support and transportation. It is anything but difficult to introduce and use.


  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Solid manufacture


  • No tire strap installed


10- Condor PSTK-6400 Pit-Stop and Adapter Kit

Condor PSTK-6400 Pit-Stop and Adapter Kit

The Condor PSTK-6400 is a position of safety Trailer Adaptor Kit equipment. That is for all time mounted to the floor of your truck bed or trailer.

The Pit Stop provides the ease to connect at whatever point you have to pull your bicycle. It smashes the hit wheel chock of Condor.

You can also use it in your carport to hold the motorcycle up-stand.  It helps to occupy less room as well as it is incredible for checking liquids or adjusting it.

You can put the Pit Stop outside the carport so you can without much of a stretch wash and detail your bicycle.

This is a self-supporting wheel chock that is suitable as a transportation gadget. It includes a trailer fast discharge mounting pack with aluminum casing.

It can oblige the front and back 14 to 22 inches of measurement wheels.

The components of the Condor PSTK-6400 chock are 29in wide x 30 inches in length x 15 inches high. It very well folds down to 6 creeps in stature.

You can use the Pit-stop each day for holding your bicycle upstanding so it will occupy less room.


  • Versatile
  • Easy use
  • Sturdy


  • Needs anchoring


Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks – Buyer’s Guide

MOTO-D Front Wheel Chock

When you tend to buy any item, you must know well about it. Here are few such guidance tips to help in making a smart and efficient choice:

Wheel Size

The most important aspect is the size of the wheel. If you buy a random chock and later it doesn’t fit the wheel that will be a waste of money.

If you know your wheel size then buy according to that. But if you are not aware of sizes, you must find out it first and then make a choice.


The material used in manufacturing also plays a vital role. If the material is of low quality then it won’t last long. Choose chocks with powder coat finishing. These types will resist corrosion and rust and enhance longevity.

Usage Type

The buying also depends on the environment where you will use the chock. For instance, some people use it in their garages or parking lots.

Whereas others may use it for transportation purposes. So make sure you select the product as per required.

Safety Features

Make sure the chock you are about to buy ensure complete safety. You don’t want to get any sort of damage done to the motorcycle.

Check for the tools and extra gear included in the kit. And opt for the chock which has straps etc to hold the wheel in place. Don’t go for those chocks which claim that you won’t be needing any straps.

Know Your Need

It is a crucial step while buying any item to know your needs. If you have a motorcycle only then it is wise to buy a chock.

Apart from that ask yourself if you actually need this product. Don’t waste money if there are no hardcore requirements.

Tips for Using a Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Maintaining a motorcycle requires complete knowledge of its parts, Here are some further tips that will help you with the usage:

  • First of all secure the chock where you wish to park the bike. If you are to load it on some truck then make permanent holes for later use.
  • The next step would be securing the wheels of your motorcycle on the chock. This chock will behave as a supporting base to the motorcycle, keeping it from falling.
  • Use straps to tie-down the motorcycle, you can use 2 straps at front and 2 at back. In this way, the vehicle would remain intact. Don’t forget to tighten up these straps so bumps may not cause any slipping or backward movement.
  • The most important part is to put the motorcycle into gear. If you won’t do that, there are chances that it will slip back. So putting in gear will be like the last lock. Hence ensuring zero movements of the motorcycle.
  • Use a metal chock when you have slope around the parking place. Or if the transportation medium has some inclined level. The rubber-based chocks tend to slip and can cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Apart from using it for parking, these are in extensive use while transportation. So along with chocks use also straps and hooks. These will ensure the vehicle remains at the same place. In this way, the motorcycles will have some balance as well.
  • After locking the motorcycle wheel into chock, don’t forget to put it in gear. In this way, the wheels won’t roll back and the vehicle would remain safe. Also, check if the motorcycle moves back or forth to ensure max safety.
  • Remember to cinch the front-end. Use tie-down straps for this purpose. These straps will make sure that a certain strain applies to the front forks. It is quite beneficial in winters.

↓ Here’s How to Motorcycle Wheel Chocks ↓

Conclusion – Wrapping it up!

A layman also understands the importance of motorcycle chocks. And the facts that explain the importance of chocks earn appreciation worldwide.

It helps your vehicle stay in one place that helps avoid serious accidents and loss. It helps whenever your vehicle is whether parked or not.

We kept it really basic as well as informative and to the point, Motorcycle Wheel Chocks come in various sizes, materials, and features.

Measure your haggles which one you might want. Be careful, some are front-wheel while others handle all wheels.

It is the most complimentary device every motorcycle owner should get.

Some significant hints in having a wheel chock, we predict that you are currently prepared to buy one.

Without a doubt, you will make quick speculation for your security. And you will likewise get the opportunity to claim the most trusted gadget available.

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